Saturday, April 30, 2011

NATO Kills Gadhafi's Son & 3 Grandkids

Costumes hung along the rungs of a ladder drying beside the haylofts.

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes Part IV - Quicklime

Jamming to the country blues with quicklime on the mind, my father turned to me and we both went blind.

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes Part III - Carefree

Burgundy sounded fine as the smile crossed his lips in the shadow of the cobra.

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès Part II - Whose Leg?

Gardens unearth cruel properties from the secret agent's briefcase.

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes - Kills Family & Dogs

Shooting ranges lured me to tell the silencer of the ghost burrowing through my heart.

Syria - Tanks into Daraa

Passers-by might run and scream as multiplies this familiar dream.

Gadhafi - Refuses to Surrender

My splitting image told a tale to tickle the nose of every whale.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Cee-Lo Green

Sunglasses of tears holes in my pockets.


Unicorns will wander timelessly through the pink fields of glittering strawberry trees.

Jeremih & 50 Cent

Lonely ladies in search of the pale suitor blooming from the midnight of celebration.

Rihanna & Britney Spears

Chains and whips will fly us bones through the air as we smell the musk of lions.

The Black Eyed Peas

Desire is pain cloaked in the rafters of some penthouse apartment next to the moon.

Katy Perry

Extra-terrestrials go to sleep beneath human pillows as that little love bite starts to creep.

Stricken City - Losing Colour (2011)

Beasts who blew down the wolf's house knew of the collected nectar.

Ahmadinejad - Western Guns to Blame

Faucets keep dripping beside the silver bat wings in a warehouse on fire.

Syria - Friday of Rage

Angry blood bespeaks the panther: his search of a target.

Dalia Dippolito - Murder my husband ... JK!

Learning secrets in the bathtubs of alleyways where calls were answered for a price of everlasting disharmony with the screeching alley cats.

Prince William - Obey?

Puppets, dragons, and kings will always obey the wallet that sings.

Nolan Ray George - Serial Killer

Cold and blue looked the stone-faced visage of somebody's rampant, never-to-be grandfather.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Saleh - Immunity?

The hunger for blood can extract the sheep from its wolf clothing.

200+ Syrian Party Members Defect

Rebels break another chain-link fence beyond the borders of a compound in the clouds.

Morroco - 14 Dead, Marrakesh Square

Explosions determine the time and place of each and every radiating heartbeat through the masonry.

Blue Hare - Lost in Snow

Winter wastelands chased the blue from the white, snarling these darlings past the frozen tundras.

178 Dead in Southern Storms

Raging clouds beat all the loud clapping to a thunderous somersault.

The Wombats - This Modern Glitch (2011)

Royal jelly floods through canals of stone faces and stone Vikings.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Robots to Cure Balding

For every hair that traveled through some suicide sea, we have electric people to thread back every seed.

Homeless Mother Charged 15k

Secretly we tried to learn but stood before a paddle burned.

Trump Locates Essential Document

Finding dossiers within the drawers of a seamstress's closet lives this butler: a true favorite of the court's jester.

Kate Hudson's Engagement Ring

Rings smile the part to be played on the chalk-white of glamorous seduction.

Armadillos Cause Leprosy

Reach through this splintered vial for every creature bruised and fallow. 

12 Libyan Rebels Dead From NATO Strike

Hunger feeds no paradise at night in the salt factory, with or without your promise.

Xray Eyeballs - Not Nothing (2011)

Trash and broken glass fell out the music box of a ballet dancer with skinned knees.

Syria - 453 Protestors Dead

Scribble these wishes across the lands for a bridge between the stars.

8 NATO Troops Killed at Afghan Airport

Bullets stray down weird and windy avenues whenever the clock strikes twelve.

Margaret Salcedo - Mauled to Death by Dogs

Packs of vicious beasts in every living room with souls ready to retreat.

Adele - 21 (2011)

Hearts and souls rolling in the deep nighttime woods in search of some eternal ocean.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monk Parakeet - Wanted: Dead

Care for me, my pretty one;/ they want us dead before the sun/shall rise and birth another day/come, my love: let's fly away.

Corpse Flower - Switzerland

Burnt sugar and friendly flesh fires will bend the cable of any wire to orange death-berry.

Abdul Ghani - R.I.P.

Some eerie misled notions brew the kettle of some witch's potion; yet, nonetheless, all hairs crawl to corners of the bed upset.

Poly Styrene - R.I.P.

Blessings from the bondage in some holy temple, screaming the saxophone solos past the night birds.

Cass McCombs - Wit's End (2011)

Eyeballs drip from grave to grave/ as bats/ they clutch us/ in the heart pillows of their cave.

The Raveonettes - Raven in the Grave (2011)

Ravens, so common and so sweet: as common as cobras killing butterflies in the street.

Holy Ghost! - Holy Ghost! (2011)

Depeche tells of all the news fashions slinking and suctioning to us, those lizards.

White Lies - Ritual (2011)

Harbor fish feed us the necessary equipment to burrow this shrapnel. 

Salem - King Night (2010)

Come with us to this yacht where we can watch the drowned angels suck a candle through your thigh.

Monday, April 25, 2011

FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes

This illusion proves that illusion was all awash in Garbo's glamor.

Levi Johnston to Publish Tell-All About Bulldogs

Lick your lips, my chummy friend: tales of madness will begin again.

Royal Wedding

Playing house was never so gray and somber a task as playing dead before the dolls to feel a sense of love.

Japan - Soldiers Search for Missing Persons

Wherever you went, will blue whales follow your somber hearts to snowflakes?

Lashondra Armstrong - Child Drowner

Tiny caskets on a wave of brain-drowned mutilation.