Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cities Aviv - Digital Lows (Fat Sandwich; 2011)

Everybody here knows some tail with talent removing pins from the donkey.

Casey Anthony - Mommy Chloroform

Whatever we drank, dear child, belongs down the kitchen sink where sick and sweet blossoms retreat.

Action Bronson -Dr. Lecter (Fine Fabric Delegates; 2011)

Tinted limo windows shatter to our masks whenever ladies stimulate the bell.

Bon Iver - Bon Iver (4AD / Jagjaguwar; 2011)

Weak mice never seem to shut the cage in time for the cougar of our happiest night-lives.  

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Fat Possum; 2011)

Distant radios warm some lies over a strudel rushing between strawberry bridges.

WU LYF - Go Tell Fire to the Mountain (L Y F; 2011)

Let me in the wilderness of your wallet so that these moss children will feed us our senses.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kent Odessa - "Getaway," single from upcoming Pleasuredome LP

Focus today on the getaway if we are ever to unlock the straightjackets and reveal the cheetah-skin bikinis.

Group Doueh - Zayna Jumma; Sublime Frequencies 2011)

Carousels get stuck and jittery whenever the wooden animals leap back and forth, getting greedy with the reins. 

Eddie Vedder - Ukulele Songs (Monkeywrench; 2011)

Evenly flowing the tide with a little guitar ... and scruffy, as if algae was a thought to make earrings into mold.  

Bonnaroo 2011 - Widespread Panic

When the moon drops into the lake, you will find us underwater following a melody through a weasel unto the lizard queen.

Bonnaroo 2011 - The Strokes

Animals on T.V. keep singing until the feather and cotton fields cover us in the darkness of our leather jackets.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bonnaroo 2011 - Robert Plant

We meet at the hotel when the doll looks confused and the daze keep rushing by like the mushroom cloud of the stink bug.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Gregg Allman

I'll leave a candle out at midnight so can you find your way to and from the severed head-shaped tree.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Daniel Lanois's Black Dub

Slash your guitar's tires for a shady dip by a wolfish moon.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Smith Westerns

Someone thought you were a girl and the moon ... the moon: it crystallized like dirt. 

Bonnaroo 2011 - The Head and the Heart

Don't you worry 'bout me and my peg-leg, Apple Blossom.

Bonnaroo 2011 - STS9

My footsteps, your fingernails ... or what about that old rocker where ghosts used to sit.

Bonnaroo 2011 - String Cheese Incident

Mysterious were the ways the crowd spun a golden tale through a golden hair.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Girl Talk

Mesh lakes swallow up the sock fish before the son removes the needle.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Gogol Bordello

Neon polyester is only clean as a whistle when the midnight train flexes its iron pecs.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Dr. John

Once the mules left the cabinet, I decided to put my alligator arms back on to confront the right place at the wrong time.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Eminem

Corner a rabid dog as the cat claws grow and let your snake tongue relax.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Buffalo Springfield

Liberation sprung the helm of the world into a jack-in-the-box crackerjack prize down by the river.

Bonnaroo 2011 - The Black Keys

Tighten up the security because this fellow's squirrely finger is soloing till it hurts me. 

Bonnaroo 2011 - Bootsy Collins & The Funk University

Leaf bathing suits blow off wherever the alien spaceships hover silently.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Loretta Lynn

Hanging my wings on your horns turns my halo to thorns whenever our shadows cast past this sacred bed sheet.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Devotchka

Lie to me because the rouge is too much paint and all the clowns are jokers in disguise.

Bonnaroo 2011 - (!!!) Chk Chk Chk

Dance moves get greasy when the monkey sees his reflection.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Black Uhuru

Sleepy sorrow sings as the rains tear apart another rainbow from our day's irises. 

Bonnaroo 2011 - Deer Tick

Tick bites walked a longways back as the packers showed their hearts to a secretive dawn. 

Bonnaroo 2011 - The Low Anthem

Wake up the robins as the morning clashes these bright bruises with your sweetheart's unlit fuses.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Ratatat

Leather jackets shed like wings when all the burned skin sweats its razors.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Lil Wayne

The floating mixtape explodes as the rushing blood by shark feet tells the clock to hold on a sec.

Bonnaroo 2011 - The Black Angels

Snake shadows surround the pigeons in the alley pecking for the passed-out beggars.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Arcade Fire

Ian Curtis knows that somewhere these birds are chirping ash clouds beside the fireworks on train tracks.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Primus

Somewhere in the basement lies these bass strings all tangled in spiderwebs where you tickled the first hairy monster.

Bonnaroo 2011 - My Morning Jacket

Soul hooks cook in the shimmering love-glance of pleasured spines.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Florence and The Machine

Nightingales spilled coffee in our Trocchi books as the machines with nose rings glared a permissive warning. 

Bonnaroo 2011 - Wanda Jackson

Elvis knew yells from the bones as well as any bloody-knuckled hellfire that could ever be named by Gene.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Atmosphere

Bartenders lean forward to reveal the tattoos you used to spy dancing on the ceiling with the Moon Dolphins while Death knocked the lion. 

Bonnaroo 2011 - The Sword

We stepped on grapes and left our records in the sun as the riffs burned our fingers till the day was done.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

Suns beat our backpacks and straw hats to a single rubber but Wooten bass-slapped every woe to wonder

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bonnaroo 2011 - Deerhunter

No one cares for me or any of my company but my imaginary friends in our last hologram helicopter.

Bonnaroo 2011 - The Walkmen

My velvet glove slipped into the parlor just as the coffee flood dropped its anchor.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Band of Skulls

Damn this saccharine gasoline of the teasing flamelight while my born-ordered, short-fused bride imprints.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Best Coast

Lazily daydreaming was the little girl who dreamed of boys like you somewhere beneath the casing.

Bonnaroo 2011 - School of the Seven Bells

All drums climbed ladders as the band chained together some small offering.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Karen Elson

Graveyards take this right until all ways lead backwards through a stretched-out swamp.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Futurebirds

Friends write on the same page of birds and our eyelids strum.

Bonnaroo 2011 - Chris Harford and the Band of Changes

Delicate nights below the aquarium of what we ate coming to trail us.