Wednesday, September 25, 2013

London Grammar - If You Wait (Columbia; 2013)

If wasting your young years, brush away your tears and run faster than the speed of train explosions; past sister, storm, and candlelight; through Regret's cement, if only to skin and flay this moment a harming icicle.    

Drake - Nothing Was the Same (Cash Money / Young Money Entertainment / Universal Republic; 2013)

Tuscan Leather know breaths to lick the ones and zeroes and leave the chorus girls on the tarantula headdress.    

Grave Miasma - Odori Sepulcrorum (Profound Lore; 2013)

Poison in the night air/licking at a gravestone;/we caught it unaware:/however, the epidemic cast such a pall,/and, unfortunately affected all:/even this one red dress,/ held, yes, in my won paw:/ reddening and laughter-infecting my gaping maw.

Blouse - Imperium (Captured Tracks; 2013)

Play with me, the bass for me, for I am running through a haunted forest as my blouse terrorizes what is left of the fragmenting orange leaves; yes, and let Fire smile as the chestnut falls.

Chvrches - The Bones of What You Believe (Glass Note; 2013)

Chameleons know misery because a mother's nipples are always in tunes of wavering nourishment: white clouds above the sea of ferns, rainbowing nature between black-out shocks; puncture a minnow if you grow off course: there are bullets in my cheeks.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Dead C - Armed Courage (Ba Da Bing!; 2013)

We messed around for hours in father's basement, wondering which clocks spat sludge wastelands through Pain Sprockets.

Holy Ghost! - Dynamics (DFA; 2013)

Teenagers were in heat when New York City streets uncoiled themselves from around the subway lungs to proposition a pauper hovering with candles to dream Locked Locket.

Royal Bangs - Brass (Modern Art; 2013)

We soldier on, playing goofy games and promising our hiccups will bloom sometimes into nourishing meals for an unseen alien species (speckled at the curb).

Islands - Ski Mask (Manqué; 2013)

Spaceflight spacefights were deflecting dotted curves up along the course as the alligator drew real red meat from The Exhausting Thirst Quencher.

Bill Callahan - Dream River (Drag City; 2013)

If dreams were rivers, could we collect reflected mountains and swim with small planes beneath the frog bubbles?